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Author Topic: Connecting to another player  (Read 751 times)

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August 20, 2016, 09:21:18 PM
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Connecting to another player
« on: August 20, 2016, 09:21:18 PM »
Many people have problems to connect to another player. Check out this to assure that players can connect to your game.
Make sure that the host set up a new firewall rule for this game. Furthermore, the host must forward his port. An alternative way is the use of tools like Hamachi.

How can I test if people can join my game?

Start the game twice. Your first game is your host, simply host a game and choose a port.
Your second game is the client who wants to join. Enter your current IP:
and choose the same port as the host. If you can connect other players can connect to your game as well!

How do I set up a new firewall rule for this game?
Normally, a window appears if you host a game for the first time. This is the firewall window. Press "Allow access" to set up a rule.
It doesn't matter if you choose private or public network. Below is a screen how such a window looks like.
If you didn't press "Allow access" change the directory of the game(a new window appears if you change directory) or follow this steps:
  • On Start, go to Windows System > Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall.
  • Click on "Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall".
  • Set up a new firewall rule.

How do I port forward?

In order to forward a port you need access to your router. I have a Fritz!Box router and will explain how I forwarded a port on my router.
  • Go to the router configuration site, each router has one. I am redirected to the configuration site if I enter or on the navigation bar of my browser.
    I can't tell you which your configuration site is, if you don't know write down the name of your router and search on the internet.
  • On the screen below you see my router configuration site. There I go to Internet > Sharing ("Freigaben" in German).
  • Here I can easily share and forward a new port. You also can see port 7777 in this list(The last entry).

How do I connect with Hamachi?

This video explains how to set up a connection using Hamachi. This guy is playing Terraria but it's the same procedure and even the same Port 7777:
Remember: Only people in your Hamachi network can join your game.

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