• Help! Nobody can join my game.
Make sure that the host set up a new firewall rule for this game. Furthermore, the host must forward his port. An alternative way is the use of tools like Hamachi.
There is a detailed thread about how to make sure that other people can join your game. Click here to see it.
  • Are there official servers?
Currently, no. Every now and then I am hosting a server but I don't want to run the game the whole time. Especially because this game is still in alpha status and a lot of errors occur so that the server would crash.
  • Can I play this game offline?
Yes, you don't need internet to play in Singleplayer mode. And of course, nobody will join your game.
  • I have a fast computer but the game still runs slow. What to do?
Sometimes there is a leak of memory or another problem due to other applications. Restart Windows.
  • Will there be a MAC or Linux version of the game?
No, this game was supposed to be Windows-only. But if you use Wine you could play it on Linux.