• Help! Nobody can join my game.
Make sure that the host set up a new firewall rule for this game. Furthermore, the host must forward his port. An alternative way is the use of tools like Hamachi.
There is a detailed thread about how to make sure that other people can join your game. Click here to see it.
  • Are there official servers?
Currently, no. Every now and then I am hosting a server but I don't want to run the game the whole time. Especially because this game is still in alpha status and a lot of errors occur so that the server would crash.
  • Can I play this game offline?
Yes, you don't need internet to play in Singleplayer mode. And of course, nobody will join your game.
  • I have a fast computer but the game still runs slow. What to do?
Sometimes there is a leak of memory or another problem due to other applications. Restart Windows.
  • Will there be a MAC or Linux version of the game?
No, this game was supposed to be Windows-only. But if you use Wine you could play it on Linux.
  • Are Ip-Addresses saved if I play the game?
Your IP-adress is saved and showed temporarily on the main page of the website so that other users can see that you are playing and join your game. If you quit the game your IP-adress is deleted from the database and not showed anymore.