Currently I am working alone on Zelda Online. Earlier I was working on a zelda fangame called Echoes of Aurelia and now I am using the same engine to create Zelda Online.
The Legend of Zelda and all associated trademarks are the property of Nintendo.

CREDITS(Zelda Online) CREDITS(Echoes of Aurelia)
  • Dietmar Puschmann(Rayo)

    Minor credits:
  • Ruven Wegner(Title and menu music, Youtube)
  • Design and art by Jonathan Paaso(Gonken)
  • Additional art by migokalle, linkus, ndchristie, desgardes, moffett, yoshimi
  • Code by Dietmar Puschmann(Rayo) and Freki
  • Additional code by xfixium, martjindh
  • Sound effects from HelpTheWretched
  • Additional sound effects by Christian Paaso(InvertedMean)
  • Music by Christian Paaso(InvertedMean)