Zelda Online is my new project including multiplayer features like Four Swords. Goal of this project is to create a multiplayer game in which each of you can interact together, solve puzzles etc. The maps in which you play will be created by the community or yourself(see section "Level Editor").
  • Host/Join a game(Each player has a name and a colored tunic, no player limit)
  • Website showing hosted games(If you have nodody to play with)
  • Ingame chat(Press "C" to open console. Remembers the last three messages sent)
  • Zelda gameplay a lá Minish Cap
  • 10+ items(Not all finished, see "Progress" section)
  • Enemies and NPC's(Work in progress, as well)
  • Level Editor(Not included yet, see "Level Editor" section)
  • XBox 360 Controller support(Needs to be plugged in before the game starts)

Multiplayer features:
  • Player synchronization(Works)
  • Obstacle synchronization(WIP)
  • NPC synchronization(WIP)
  • Chat(Sometimes a message will not be sent if you send a message while the chat is fading out)
  • Website(Works, hosted games are shown. Bug: Sometimes dead hosts are shown)
  • Lobby browser ingame(Not implemented yet)
  • Level editor(Works, not available yet)

Item Name Singleplayer Multiplayer
Bombs Can be lifted, exploding after some seconds. Can be put into inventory if not thrown. Works
Frostfire Boomerang Turns water to ice, damages enemies(freezing only working against chuchus) Not visible
Bottle Catch/Release water and drink potions Works
Bracelet Lift heavy things Works
Cane of Somaria Create/Remove a block Not visible
Roc's cape Jump, no, FLY! Works
Hammer Strong attack weapon Works
Lamp Bring light into darkness Works
Magnetgloves Be attracted by magnet objects Works
Ocarina Play a song Works
Pegasus Boots Move fast, fast double tap on a direction to use Works
Shield Deflect attacks Works
Slingshot Slingshot not visible, fires a deku nut Not visible
Sword Attack weapon Works
Telescope See further Not needed

Level Editor
The level editor won't be included at first but it is planned and partly implemented.
You will create your own level with Tiled, a common map editor. You can use each tileset you want, but will be limited to these objects:

Of course there will be more objects, but currently there are no more. :P
After the map is done you can convert your map with the help of a tool in a .lvl file. This file is read by Game Maker and you can play with your friends on your own map.
A more detailed explanation how this works will come when I introduce the level editor.